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Upcoming First Aid Training and Courses

Join First Aid and Safety Training for nationally recognised, enjoyable and effective First Aid Training either onsite at your workplace anywhere in the North East or attend one of the open Emergency First Aid courses at our training centre in South Shields. If you have any questions, please send an email to, call 0191 7166601 or send us a message online.

Level 2 & 3 Qualifications | Certificates valid for 3 years | Ofqual regulated | 1, 2 or 3-day courses | Qualsafe Awards | EYFS Compliant | HSE Complaint

Course Costs

 1-day Emergency First Aid – £87

For the full list of all upcoming courses please visit our booking page where you will find all the dates for our First Aid Training and Courses.

Don't let a lack of first aid training hold you back!

No First Aid Skills after an accident

No First Aid Skills

Not having first aid skills can limit your ability to provide immediate assistance in emergency situations, potentially putting yourself and others at risk. It can hinder your confidence, personal safety, and ability to make a positive difference in critical moments that require life-saving interventions.

Out of date first aid qualifications

Out Of Date Qualifications

Outdated first aid qualifications can compromise your ability to respond effectively to emergencies, causing delays risking the well-being of individuals in your workplace. It can also create liability concerns for employers as they are responsible for the safety of their workforce and visitors.

Unable to work because of no first aid qualification

Unable To Work

Not being first aid qualified can prevent you from working in certain industries or obtaining an SIA (Security Industry Authority) license. Without the correct first aid qualification, you may not meet the required standards for certain jobs that need recognised first aid qualifications.

We understand that becoming or staying qualified in First Aid can be challenging for many people, this can be due to a lack in confidence, difficulty finding the time to complete the training or finding a reputable and affordable training company that provides nationally recognised qualifications.  

We guarantee that you will pass any of our first aid training courses so you can get the first aid qualification you need!

Successfully Passing First Aid Training Leaves You Confident, Prepared and Ready to Save Lives!

Our First Aid Courses and Training has now qualified over 500 learners across the North East, including local businesses, staff, security professionals, teachers, teaching assistants, child-minders, charities, personal trainers, gym staff, parents, grand parents and even those that just want to know what to do in a First Aid Emergency or situation.

With a 100% success rate, we know that our style of training works, making learning first aid enjoyable, friendly, interactive and fun means that our learners absorb the information easily and in a way that makes it very easy to remember and implement whenever they need it.

Even if you are not confident at the start of your training, we will spend time with you to ensure your confidence in your first aid skills means that you will know what to do and how to act in an emergency situation.

Our instructors have years of experience from the military, police and other emergency services.

And we can’t wait to help you get qualified in first aid!

Interactive First Aid Training on the FIrst Aid at Work Course

Join Us On Our Most Popular First Aid Training

The 1-day Level 3 Emergency First Aid At Work Course is our most popular first aid course, suitable for use in every aspect of your life. It covers dealing with an emergency first aid situation, unresponsive casualty, CPR, safe use of an AED, unconscious casualty, seizures, choking, wounds and bleeding plus lots more. Our EFAW Course is an enjoyable, interactive and fun day of life saving training and skills. With no prior training required, these are skills everyone should have. 

Emergency First Aid At Work is the course that most businesses require for their staff to have completed to ensure that they know how to act in a first aid emergency and our training is HSE compliant.

1-day Level 3 Emergency First Aid At Work Course
First Aid At Work Courses

First Aid At Work

The FAW course is an in-depth First Aid package that is suitable for those who hold a specific first aid role in the workplace or want to be fully equipped to deal with an emergency first aid situation.

Paediatric First Aid Courses

Paediatric First Aid

If you work in an early years setting then you must complete the Paediatric First Aid Course. If you have responsibilty for young children or infants, then the Emergency Paediatric FIrst Aid Course is ideal.

Other First Aid Courses and Training for North East

Other First Aid Courses

We provide a large range of First Aid Courses and Training, including re-qualification, first aid refreshers, CPR, AED, Anaphylaxis, Activity First Aid and Forestry First Aid.

Why Choose First Aid and Safety Training

Qualsafe Training Centre

As a Qualsafe Training Centre, we are Ofqual Regulated, which ensures that our training is of the highest standards and meets national requirements, providing individuals with a reputable and recognised level 2 or level 3 qualifications from our 1, 2 or 3-day first aid courses.

Affordable Training

We have made our courses as affordable as possible for our learners to gain essential life-saving skills without straining their finances. You can even use Paypal to spread the cost and pay in 3 installments, this allows us to help more people acquire valuable first aid skills and confidence.

Experienced Trainers

Our friendly instructors pass their professional knowledge and practical skills onto their learners. Their experience allows for real-life scenarios to become part of the training, enhancing the learner's understanding, confidence, and ability to apply first aid skills effectively in various situations.

The FAST First Aid Process

Step 1

Book Your First Aid Course Today

Confirm your date to attend one of our first aid training courses and get it booked into your diary.

Step 2

Attend Your First Aid Training

Join us for a fun and enjoyable day of first aid training where you will learn and practice new skills that save lives. Interactive, practical scenarios and assessments make it easy and simple to practice and apply your new skills so you know what to do in a First Aid Emergency.

Step 3

You will be a qualified first aider

Confidence in your first aid ability will increase and you will know what to do and how to act in an emergency, at home or at work. With your new qualification, you can apply for the job role you want, get your license renewed, gain extra responsibilities or even get paid more as a first aider.

Unlock the Power of Life-Saving Skills!

Why Our First Aid Training Courses Will Set You Up for Success

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