Essential Contents of an Outdoor First Aid Kit

Outdoor First Aid Kit

Essential Contents of an Outdoor First Aid Kit

People planning to do outdoor activities like hiking and camping, will need an outdoor first aid kit for emergencies. Injuries and accidents can happen anytime, and it’ll be very helpful to have an appropriate first aid kit around in case you need one.

Before setting out on your outdoor adventure, make sure you’ve carefully considered the terrain you’ll be camping in or passing through, as well as the activities you’ll be doing.

Additionally, make sure you’re aware of specific medical needs of every individual, if you’re going with a group. These factors will help you choose the right outdoor first aid kit.

Depending on where you plan to go, you must be ready for the worst situations. These situations may include snakebite, sunburn, cactus quills, serious falls, heat exhaustion, animal bites, and frostbite. Be ready for these kinds of scenarios, and you’ll have a much better and safe time outdoors. Also, be sure to consider the size and weight of the outdoor first aid kit, as you’d be carrying it around.

Aside from the basic items that typical first aid kits contain, an outdoor first aid kit must include items for the following:

Blister preparation

These may include items like molefoam, moleskin, benzoine tincture, and second skin. Blisters are common injuries outdoors and it helps to have something to treat it.

Wound preparation

Since the outdoors can be filled unexpected accidents, particularly wounds when walking through sharp branches and others, it will be useful to have antiseptics and antibiotics in the first aid kit. Aloe Vera is also a good “organic” first aid treatment.

Topical medicines

Include in your first aid kit something for the “usual” things you’d often get from being outdoors. Sunscreen, insect repellent, and antifungal cream will be good additions to the kit.

Special medications

Think about particular things that your outing might require, such as special supplies or medications. Consider cold climates, malaria regions, hot climates, snake habitats, long expeditions, or children in the group. Also add in rehydration products in your kit like electrolytes and salts.

Trauma preparation

Slips and falls are probably the greatest dangers in the outdoors. They’ve accounted for more than seventy fatalities yearly in the US. Be ready for items that will aid in treating such accidents.

Adventuring outdoors can be made more enjoyable and much safer if one is prepared to face the worst situations. The addition of an outdoor first aid kit to the backpack will not only provide ready treatment for injuries, but also ensures that you’re going out safely with stand-by “aid”.

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