First Aid Instructions for Common Mishaps

First Aid Instructions for Common Mishaps

First Aid Instructions for Common Mishaps

You can never tell when an accident or injury is going to happen. It is important to be up and alert and know basic first aid procedures in the event of an emergency. Knowledge and understanding of first aid instructions and procedures can do a long way toward saving the life of another person, and even yours. When performing first aid procedures, it is important that you carefully follow first aid instructions; otherwise, you may be defeating the purpose of saving the person’s life in the first place.

By properly following first aid instructions, you can spell a huge difference between saving a life and a major disaster.

Here are basic first aid instructions for some commonly occurring accidents and injuries.

Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation

Place the victim on one side. Use the finger to remove the foreign object from his/her mouth. Then, lay the victim on his/her back, tilting the head back to open-air passage. Again, use the fingers to close the victim’s nostrils and exhale until his/her chest expands. Repeat quickly after the chest deflates or until emergency assistance arrives. Always check for possible airway obstruction if you fail to give breathe to the victim.

Severe bleeding and wounds

Apply pressure directly on the wound using your hand or a clean cloth. Apply a bandage on the wound to reduce bleeding. Hold the pressure on the wound until emergency assistance arrives.

Fainting, Shock, and Unconsciousness

First-aid instructions for these situations are done by laying the victim down, and making sure that s/he is in a comfortable position. If the victim is unconscious, position him on one side.
Airway Obstruction and Choking. In case of coughing or difficulty in speaking, stand by the victim and let him/her cough up the object. Perform the Heimlich maneuver, which involves abdominal thrusts whenever necessary. Continue thrusting until air passage is clear

Thermal and Chemical Burns

First-aid instructions for first-degree burns are administered by cooling the burn with running water. You can apply cool and moist bandages on the affected part as well. Do not apply oils, cream or lotion to the burn as it may increase the risk of skin infection. Second and third-degree burns, however, already need immediate medical assistance

Overdose and Poisoning

As much as possible, try to identify the chemical or substance taken in. You can let the victim drink the salt solution to help induce vomiting. Call emergency assistance right away and check the victim’s vital signs while waiting for emergency services to arrive.

It is always best to seek professional medical assistance when the problem persists or gets worse.

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