First Aid Supplies: A Must-Have in Homes

First Aid Supplies A Must-Have in Homes

First Aid Supplies: A Must-Have in Homes

First aid is a series of life-saving medical techniques that can be practiced by “non-doctor” individuals who have the knowledge or have obtained proper training. First aid becomes very useful in emergency situations like accidents, illnesses, or injuries. With the increasing significance of giving first aid, first aid supplies in kits have also become an essential part of daily household, office, and car setup.

To really be prepared, one needs a complete stock of first aid supplies on hand when the need arises. The first aid supplies must also be within easy access in the home, vehicle, or when traveling.

There are several distributors and manufacturers of first aid supplies on the market today that provides high quality items. Most of these first aid supplies come “all-in-one” through first aid kits sold by drugstores, online retailers, and even at one’s local American Red Cross chapter.

On the other hand, you also have the alternative of choosing the first aid supplies you need and creating your own kit for your home, car, office, or for when you travel.

In any type of emergency, or in case you or any family member gets burned, cut, or suffer some injuries, essential first aid supplies will come really useful. Keep these basic first aid supplies so you’re truly ready to help when someone’s hurt:

Two pairs disposable gloves; sterile dressings for bleeding control; cleansing soap/agent and antibiotic towelettes for disinfecting; burn ointment; antibiotic ointment for preventing infection; different sizes of adhesive bandages; eye-wash solution as a general decontaminant or for flushing the eyes; scissors; over-the-counter drugs like aspirin, anti-diarrhea, laxative, or pain relievers; prescription medications taken daily like heart medicine, asthma inhaler, or insulin; and prescribed medical supplies like blood pressure devices and glucose monitoring equipment.

Knowing how and when to use these supplies is very essential. The timely administration of any first aid will help prevent minor injuries from becoming severe ones.

Additionally, it’s also important to keep a local emergency numbers list, as well as a first aid manual, with the supplies.

Always do a regular checkup of your supplies, to make sure that all items are still useable and not expired. Replace medicines, ointments, and other products that have expired, as they can do more harm than good if you happen to use them during emergencies. An ideal supplies checkup is once every three months.

Having all necessary first aid supplies ready even before emergencies happen, will help you handle the situation more appropriately and preparedly. First Aid Essentials covers majority of things that is important to have at home or even at your bags. 

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