Equip Your Team With Vital First Aid Skills

Book An On-site First Aid Course and give your staff the confidence and skills needed to act in an emergency situation.

Is your Workplace Covered In The Event Of A First Aid Emergency?

Accident at work

No First Aid Cover

Without effective first aid training, your staff may feel helpless and panic during a first aid emergency.

Accident at work

Unable To Work

Without the correct first aid qualifications, your staff may be unable to work.

You Are Liable

If someone is injured in your workplace and you do not have adequate first aid cover, you are liable.

We understand how challenging it is to make sure that your workplace has the correct amount of first aid coverage, the HSE regulations state that it is the employer’s responsibility to make sure that cover is suitable but doesn’t tell you exactly what you need to ensure your workplace is safe.

Our First Aid Qualifications and Training will ensure that your staff will know what to do in a first aid emergency!

We help busy business owners get their staff and workplace trained to the correct standards, our qualifications are OfQual recognised and our training centre is registered with Qualsafe, one of the UK’s leading providers of First Aid.

We come to your business to conduct the training in an enjoyable way that your staff and employees will remember, so that, if a first aid emergency did happen, your staff will know exactly what to do and how to act to preserve life, prevent the situation getting worse and promote recovery.

We are looking forward to working with you and getting your staff trained!

Book On-Site First Aid Training

Course Durations

First Aid Refresher and Paediatric First Aid take 3 hours long and can be conducted at a time to suit you and your staff, including weekends and evenings.

Emergency First Aid at Work and Emergency Paediatric First Aid take 1-day to complete, course times are normally 9 am to 4.30 pm, allowign time for breaks.

Paediatric First Aid is a either a 2-day in person course or can be completed as blended learning, this involves 6 hours online learning followed by 1 day face-to-face to complete the assessments.

First Aid At Work is a 3-day course in person course or this can also be completed via blended learning, involving 6 hours of online training followed by 2-days (9 am to 4.30 pm) to complete the required assessments.

Course Times

All timings can be flexible and courses can be spread over a number of days, evenings or weekends.  Any First Aid Courses and Training that includes blended learning will generally have a minimum of 2 weeks to be completed, however, this could be completed the day before a course starts if required.  You must be aware that, any online training has to be completed prior to the classroom activity starting.  

Onsite First Aid Course Costs

First Aid At Work Courses

First Aid At Work Refresher 1/2 Day Course (Onsite or Group)  – £400 (£33 per learner).

Emergency First Aid At Work 1 Day Course (Onsite or Group) – £800 (£67 per learner).

Blended First Aid At Work 2 Day Course with 6 Hours Online For Up To 6 Learners – £1297 (£216 per learner).

Blended First Aid At Work 2 Day Course with 6 Hours Online For Up To 12 Learners – £1997 (£166 per learner).

First Aid At Work 3 Day Course For Up To 6 Learners – £1697 (£283 per learner).

First Aid At Work 3 Day Course For Up To 12 Learners – £2497 (£208 per learner).

Paediatric First Aid Courses

Paediatric First Aid Refresher 1/2 Day Course (Onsite or Group) – £400 (£33 per learner).

Emergency Paediatric First Aid 1 Day Course (Onsite or Group) – £800 (£67 per learner).

Blended Paediatric First Aid 1 Day Course with 6 Hours Online For Up To 6 Learners – £997 (£166 per learner).

Blended Paediatric First Aid 1 Day Course with 6 Hours Online for up to 12 Learners – £1497 (£124 per learner) 

Paediatric First Aid 2 Day Course For Up To 6 Learners – £1297 (£216 per learner).

Paediatric First Aid 2 Day Course for up to 12 Learners – £1747 (£145 per learner).

Why Choose First Aid and Safety Training

Engaging Training

Experienced trainers from a local business offer personalized attention and support, creating a positive learning environment that encourages participation and engagement.

Nationally Recognised

As a Qualsafe Training Centre, all of our courses are regualted and approved by Ofqual, ensuring that our training meets national standards and is recognised across the UK.

Fast and Effective

Our courses range from 1-day to 3-day in length and provide the fastest way for your staff to get trained and with our centre offering weekday, weekend and evening training you can fit it in at any time.

The Workplace First Aid System

Step 1

Call Today And Book A Date

Call First Aid and Safety Training on 0191 7166601 or email us at admin@firstaidsafetytraining.com to check and book a date for your on-site workplace training.

Step 2

Complete The Training

Let your staff know and then join us for fun and enjoyable first aid training where your team will learn and practice new skills that save lives. Interactive, practical scenarios and assessments make it easy and simple to practice and apply their new skills so you know they will be competent in a First Aid Emergency.

Step 3

Your Staff Are Qualified

Confidence in your team will increase and they will know what to do and how to act in an emergency, at home or at work. Your business will also have fully qualified first aiders that will help your business comply with HSE First Aid Regulaitons.

Businesses and Organisations We Can Help

first aid courses for local authorities and councils

Local Authorities and Councils

care home and nursing home first aid

Care & Nursing Homes

first aid training for teachers and assisstants

Schools, Nurseries & Colleges

Construction injuries at work

Construction & Manufacturing

Warehousing Accident

Warehousing & Logistics

Retail and hospitality first aid training

Retail & Hospitality

Schools / Academies / Nurseries / Soft Play Centers / Charities / Sports Centers / Gyms / Catering / Removals / Tree surgery / Offshore / Child minders / School Environment / SIA / Drivers / Construction / Baby sitters / bar staff and any other type of business.

Why Your Business Needs First Aid Trained Staff!

First aid training and qualifications for employees are essential for their well-being and workplace safety. Accidents happen unexpectedly, and trained employees can make a life-saving difference.

By investing in first aid training, you empower your employees to be confident and capable first aid responders in emergencies, ensuring prompt and effective care until professional help arrives. It fosters a culture of safety, instills confidence, and demonstrates our commitment to their well-being.

Why Completing Your First Aid Training With Us Will Set You Up For Success!

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