How To Give First Aid

Knowing how to give First Aid is an essential set of skills that we all should know, both in our home lives and in the workplace, regardless of any age or ability, everyone should know how to recognise a first aid situation, make a decision on what to do and administer effective first aid.

First Aid and Safety Training provide regulated First Aid courses across the North East.

The information below will help you know what to do in a First Aid situation where your actions could save someones life or get them the help they need.

The purpose of first aid is simple – Preserve Life, Prevent Worsening and Promote Recovery. Your actions could save someones life.

You can also watch videos on all of our social channels. If you are looking for first aid training for yourself or your business, get in touch to discover how we can help.  We run monthly first aid courses at our training centre in South Shields.

First Aid Lessons and Help

How to give first aid

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These lessons and information do not replace actual attendance on a first aid course, getting hands on practice with your first aid skills is the best way to ensure you are a competant and capable first aider.

If you would like to book a first aid course or if you have a question for us please call 0191 7166601, email or complete our online enquiry form and a member of the team will get back to you shortly.

We provide workplace onsite training for Emergency First Aid, First Aid at Work and Paediatric First Aid but a range of other First Aid Courses across the North East, our first aid training centre is based in South Shields

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