Would You Know What To Do In A Paeditric Emergency?

Make Sure you Have Confidence In A Child Or Infant First Aid Emergency.

Don't let lack of an Emergency Paediatric First Aid Course hold you back!

Not knowing what to do in a paeditric first aid emergency

No First Aid Skills

Not having paediatric first aid skills can limit your ability to provide immediate assistance in emergency situations to a child or infant, potentially putting yourself and them at risk. It can hinder your confidence, personal safety, and ability to make a positive difference in critical moments that require life-saving interventions.

Unable to work in an EYFS placement without emergency paeditric first aid course

Out Of Date Qualifications

Outdated paediatric first aid qualifications can compromise your ability to respond effectively to emergencies, causing delays risking the well-being of individuals in your workplace. It can also create liability concerns for employers as they are responsible for the safety of the children and infants on their premises.

Unable To Work

Not being paediatric first aid qualified can prevent you from working in certain industries that are regualted by the EYFS. Without the correct first aid qualification, you may not meet the required standards for certain jobs that need recognised paediatric first aid qualifications.

We understand that becoming or staying qualified in Emergency Paeditric First Aid can be challenging for many people, this can be due to a lack in confidence, difficulty finding the time to complete the training or finding a reputable and affordable training company that provides nationally recognised qualifications.  

We guarantee that you will pass the Level 3 Emergency Paediatric First Aid Course so you can get the first aid qualification you need to work with children and infants!

Upcoming Emergency Paediatric First Aid Course

Level 3 Qualification | Certificate valid for 3 years | Ofqual regulated | 1-day course | Qualsafe Awards | EYFS Compliant

Cost for the 1-day Level 3 Emergency Paediatric First Aid Course Is £87

Please call 0191 7166601 or email admin@firstaidsafetytraining.com to book the Emergency Paediatric First Aid Course.

This course is available by request only as onsite or group learning.

The Emergency Paediatric First Aid Course will give you a thorough grounding an knowledge when it comes to knowing what to do in an Emergency situation with lots of hands on practice dealing with scenarios and incidents. Please make sure that it is the Emergency Paediatric First Aid Course you require and not the full 2-day Paediatric First Aid Course.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand the role and responsibilities of the Paediatric First Aider.
  • Be able to assess an emergency situation safely.
  • Be able to provide First Aid for an infant and a child who is unresponsive.
  • Be able to provide First Aid for an infant and a child who is choking.
  • Be able to provide First Aid to an infant and a child with external bleeding.
  • Know how to provide First Aid to an infant or a child who is suffering from shock.
  • Know how to provide First Aid to an infant or a child with bites, stings and minor injuries.
  • Role and Responsibilities of the Paediatric First Aider.
  • Preventing cross infection.
  • Recording incidents and actions.
  • Safe use of available equipment.
  • Assessing an incident.
  • Prioritising treatment.
  • Dealing with post incident stress.
  • Contents of a Paediatric First Aid box.
  • Apply skills to either an infant (baby) or a child first aid situation.
  • Evaluate a situation to determine when to summon further assistance and what type of assistance to request.
  • When to administer Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation.
  • Demonstrate correct placement of AED pads on a child manikin.
  • Demonstrate correct placement of AED pads on a infant manikin.
  • Demonstrate ‘following AED instructions’.
  • Recovery Position.
  • Dealing with seizures.
  • Dealing with hypovolaemic shock (resulting from blood loss).

The Assessments

Within the Emergency Paediatric First Aid Course, you will complete 5 practical assessments and 1 written question paper.

  • Dealing with an unresponsive child and safe use of an AED.
  • Dealing with an unresponsive infant.
  • Dealing with an unconscious child/infant that is breathing normally.
  • Dealing with a choking child or infant.
  • Dealing with wounds and bleeding.

Don’t panic, with our Emergency Paediatric First Aid Training you will be more than confident when it comes to the assessments. We have a successful 100% pass rate on our courses.

Why Choose Us For Your Emergency Paediatric First Aid Course

Qualsafe Training Centre

As a Qualsafe Training Centre, we are Ofqual Regulated, which ensures that our training is of the highest standards and meets national requirements, providing individuals with a reputable and recognised level 2 or level 3 qualifications from our 1, 2 or 3-day first aid courses.

Affordable Training

We have made our courses as affordable as possible for our learners to gain essential life-saving skills without straining their finances. You can even use Paypal to spread the cost and pay in 3 installments, this allows us to help more people acquire valuable first aid skills and confidence.

Experienced Trainers

Our friendly instructors pass their professional knowledge and practical skills onto their learners. Their experience allows for real-life scenarios to become part of the training, enhancing the learner's understanding, confidence, and ability to apply first aid skills effectively in various situations.

The Get Qualified System

Step 1

Book Your Emergency Paediatric First Aid Course Today

Confirm your date to attend one of our first aid training courses and get it booked into your diary.

Step 2

Attend Your First Aid Training

Join us for a fun and enjoyable day of first aid training where you will learn and practice new skills that save lives. Interactive, practical scenarios and assessments make it easy and simple to practice and apply your new skills so you know what to do in a First Aid Emergency.

Step 3

You will be a qualified paediatric first aider

Confidence in your first aid ability will increase and you will know what to do and how to act in an emergency, at home or at work. With your new qualification, you can apply for the job role you want, get your license renewed, gain extra responsibilities or even get paid more as a first aider.

Unlock the Power of Little Life-Saving Skills!

With Our Paediatric First Aid Training Courses You Will Be Set Up for Success

Still Not Sure If We Are The Right Training Centre?

This Is What Our Previous Happy Clients Say About Us...

Graeme Dixon
Read More
“I really enjoyed the First Aid At Work Course, it was three days when I learned a lot that I can use not just at work but everyday knowing that I can take care of my family in an emergency. Great Course and Worth Every Penny!" 
Dylan Gemmill
Read More
“Fantastic course to gain first aid knowledge in that unforseen accident at work. I was even shown CPR for babies/ children, great knowledge for a first time dad like myself. The instructors were very friendly and welcoming. Thanks a lot guys!" 
Tanya Abid
Read More
"Excellent first aid course the teachers were friendly, knowledgeable and everything was covered in detail. Would highly recommend and the prices are fantastic." 
Claire Amans
Read More
“What a great training experience! The trainers were friendly, fun and most of all knowledgeable. I particular benefitted from the CPR module which included using a difib. I left the training feeling confident and reassured. Would highly recommended this company best First Aid training I've ever had!!" 
Jade Stephenson
Read More
"First Aid training with these guys was fun, easy to follow and very well put together. They were very helpful with any questions we had and managed to make the day fun and interactive. 100% reccommended." 
Anthony Kitson
Read More
“Good course and both people running the course made us feel so calm when we are scared as you would be of learning something that can save lives" 

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Five Star Rating For First Aid Safety Training
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