Must Haves for First Aid and Emergency Equipment

Must Haves for First Aid and Emergency Equipment

Must Haves for First Aid and Emergency Equipment

Medicinal kit, first responder bag, trauma bag, emergency kits, bug out bag, first aid kit – what do all of these objects have in common? Well, all of these objects mean one thing only – it is survival. But what are the must haves for First Aid and emergency equipment.

Opposite to popular conception, first aid is actually not just given as an immediate medical response. First aid kits today are far more advanced and capable of handling medical conditions that actually required definitive attention by a doctor ten years ago.

In this article, you will get to know about first aid and emergency types of equipment used by rescuers and responders during an emergency. For most people, first aid is only a temporary treatment. As a matter of fact, others even think that first aid kits are just a bag full of medicines. In reality, first aid and emergency equipment have now been fused to increase the facilitation of first aid.

Here is a list of first aid and emergency equipment that must be available inside a first aid kit or facility.

On top of the list is the PPE or personal protective equipment. Examples of personal protective equipment are CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation mask, breathing barriers, face shields, non latex disposable gloves. Personal protective equipments are usually use in industrial applications and chemical and heating related occupations. As a whole, PPE is the general term for any mask, gear or goggle that will protect the individual from inhaling harmful air borne elements.

Gloves are important so as not infect oneself or the patient from germs or harmful organisms that may be found on the site of the first aid response. Gloves must be non latex to prevent allergies to both the responder and the patient. Examples of non latex made gloves are nitrile rubber and vinyl.

Another important tool in the list of first aid and emergency equipment is the eye cup. This helps the responder to protect the eyes of the patient especially when the injury is located near the eyes. Flashlights or commonly called torches are also a must have for first aid and emergency kits. Torches must be kept securely inside a facility. In fact, cars and vehicles must have flashlights and extra sets of batteries stored.

Other important first aids and emergency equipment are chemical first-aid cold packs or instant-acting cold packs, saline or sterilized eye wash, non-woven cotton swabs, plastic foil blanket or emergency blanket, anti-septic wipes or sanitizer, thermometer and penlight. Remember, that first aid and emergency kits are not just made up of supplies but also tools for survival. Also remember to keep your first aid and emergency equipment clean and disinfected.

The First Aid Essentials Course covers the majority of the tools that you needed for your home or workplace.

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